चाँद पर ये क्या है? एलियन अंतरिक्ष यान ? Possible alien spacecraft/Spaceship on moon in Hindi

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चाँद पर एलियन अंतरिक्ष यान जैसा ये क्या है? There is a mysterious structure on moon looks like a alien spaceship. Which is visible in google moon. In this episode i will discuss about the Far side of the Moon Mystery in hindi. I found extraterrestrial spacecraft type structures on google moon. I am going to reveal the Secrets from the Far Side of the Moon. Which is also known as Dark side of the Moon. I will also discuss the hollow moon theory and the possibility about that the moon may be a Alien Space Station. I am also mentioning that one part of Chandrayaan-2 from india will circle around the moon and one part of the chandrayaan 2 will land on the moon. To know more please watch the video.
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