12 CGC 9.8 Comics To Invest In On A $500 Budget

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Today it's a new list of investment grade CGC comic books on a $500 budget. There are some serious investment worthy CGC key issues to consider in the $500 budget range. I'm left wishing I had purchased many of these after doing the research for the video -- some fantastic CGC comics to consider.

Here are my favorite CGC comics to invest in on a $500 budget:

Uncanny X-Men 133 (1st solo Wolverine story)
Star Wars: Heir To The Empire 1 (1st appearance of Admiral Thrawn)
Punisher Limited Series 1 (1st solo Punisher comic)
What If? 1 (1977)
Uncanny X-Men 266 (1st full appearance of Gambit)
Venom 3 3rd third printing (1st full appearance of Knull)
Joe Special 1
Amazing Spider-Man 298 (1st McFarlane Spider-Man art and Eddie Brock)
Detective Comics 880
Batman 428 (Death of Robin Jason Todd)
DC Spotlight 1
Wolverine Limited Series 1 (1st solo Wolverine comic)

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