Among Us In Real Life - The Full Movie

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Join the NOOB Family in an epic Among Us In Real Life adventure! This full length film includes all well know characters from the popular YouTube Channel NOOB Family! Among Us is a multiplayer game with one IMPOSTOR and everyone else is a Crewmate. While the IMPOSTOR is busy sabotaging the ship, the crewmates are quickly trying to complete their tasks. If the Impostor is able to kill everyone, then the Imposter wins! If the Crewmates are able to complete all tasks, then the Crewmates win! There are 4 rounds to this Among Us Movie! Will the Crewmates find the IMPOSTOR before it's too late? Who do you think is SUS?

Among Us Round 1 00:00
Among Us Round 2 14:58
Among Us Round 3 32:29
Among Us Round 4 53:31


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