Anubis - Король Лицемерия (khabib DISS)

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Hypocrisy King

I don’t like to read, I don’t like to read
I’d rather write a book
I’m sitting on the throne
Not only of the fucking lightweight division

I feel so imposive, I feel so great
I am untouchable, I am unbeatable, and I feel like I’m your real master
Fuck all the rules and fuck you
I will be hypocritical every every time

Champion-warrior, fearlessness in the eyes
But only if I am surrounded by my precious guys
I do it right away, I smash them right away
And again, as a winner, I gloriously walk away

I help everybody, don’t leave anybody
I do not throw money, then how I get my honey?
Come on you week bum, do some push-ups bum!
This is how I laugh; this is how I help
By throwing money to some homeless guys
That’s how I respect myself so fucking much

This morning terror came and then the problems came
The hunt has started on… where did you see it from? Where did you hear it from?
Woman, get the hell out of here, huh?
The only things that you can do, is to give birth, clean up, and shut up!
Quietly survive in a men's world.
And never dare talk to me about any kind of arts, it would be so much better if we close all the theatres up!

I would like to rest, even for one day
But no, I can’t fall asleep, I can’t fall asleep
I can’t get no sleep
I have to protect the motherland again,

Ban all the [wicked] music
Cancel all the [wicked] concerts
And I heard the queer-virus could be the end of all

I don’t party with them hoes, don’t even look at them
It’s the choice of suckers, it’s the choice of weaklings
Brother for brother, brother hugs a brother, and most of all respects a brother
Who leaves his legacy here? And runs away from fights here?
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