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Free Western Movie: Arizona Colt - Spaghetti Western - Bandit Gordo frees a group of prisoners, forcing them to join his gang or die. Arizona Colt, declining to do either, heads for Blackstone City where Gordo is planning a robbery.

Arizona Colt (1966)
Director: Michele Lupo
Writers: Ernesto Gastaldi (story by), Luciano Martino (story by)
Stars: Giuliano Gemma, Fernando Sancho, Corinne Marchand
Genre: Western
Country: Italy | France
Language: English
Release Date: 24 February 1967 (West Germany)
Also Known As: Man from Nowhere
Filming Locations: Almería, Andalucía, Spain

"Bandit Gordo frees a group of prisoners, forcing them to join his gang or die. Arizona Colt, declining to do either, heads for Blackstone City where Gordo is planning a robbery. When one of Gordon's men murders saloon girl Dolores, Arizona offers to hunt down the killer for the price of five hundred Dollars and Dolores' sister, Jane." Written by Tom Seldon on

"The Man From Nowhere aka Arizona Colt is a spaghetti western with solid performances from a great cast. The main players are Giuliano Gemma and Fernando Sancho, both of whom are great in this film, as always. Sancho, always the villain, is even more ruthless than usual in this outing. The lovely Rosalba Neri, another familiar spaghetti western face, also makes an appearance in the movie.

Gemma, as Arizona Colt, can be likened to Bugs Bunny having some fun being the foil to Fernando Sancho and his gang of Elmer Fudds, but that doesn't make this a comedy western by any means. While there are many amusing parts, the body count is high, and there is a strong element of revenge.

The music score is very good, with lots of spaghetti style, and the movie is filmed and directed well. The story takes some time to pull you in, but it does, and it is a good one.

I am giving this one 7 stars mainly because I don't think it is as good as Gemma's Ringo movies, but that having been said, I still highly recommend this film. It has a lot going for it." Written by spider89119 on

"Released on DVD here in the states as "The Man From Nowhere", this entry into the Western All'Italiana oeuvre features pretty boy Guiliano Gemma as the good, veteran character actor Fernando Sancho as the bad, and a disappointing script as the ugly.

Arizona Colt can never quite figure out what it's trying to be. As a Hollywood western there would have been a few too many deaths and too strong a focus on destruction. As an Italian Western it takes itself too seriously and leans too heavily on wide tracking shots of the ol' west.

There is some good humor, and the reveal how Arizona is going to take on a town full of baddies is very slick, but this movie is a series of good moments and an overall weak effort when considered as a whole." Written by cwhaskell on

Also Known As (AKA)
(original title) Arizona Colt
Brazil Arizona Colt
Canada (English title) Man from Nowhere
Colombia Arizona Colt
Denmark Dollars for Arizona Colt
France Arizona Colt
Greece Arizona Colt
Hong Kong (Cantonese title) Faai cheung sau gong wu fu baa
Japan (Japanese title) 南から来た用心棒
Portugal Arizona Colt
Spain Arizona Colt
Sweden dollar för Arizona Colt
Taiwan 江湖奇士續集
Turkey (Turkish title) Gringo Arizona'da
UK Arizona Colt
USA (English title) Man from Nowhere
USA Arizona Colt
West Germany (video title) Halleluja Companeros
West Germany Arizona Colt
Yugoslavia (Serbian title) Arizona Kolt osvetnik

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