Blazblue Continuum Shift Gameplay - REVENGE is SWEET !! | CS Multiplayer (PS3)

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Welcome Back to another EXCITING Episode of Cage Vs Cage !!! Today we compete in Blazeblue Continuum Shift ! This Ark Sys game is a well known fighting game in the fighting game Community and looks fantastic with its anime style and graphics. Cage vs Cage takes this game and competes in a Race to 5 to determine who's the better fighter and the LOSER Will Get PUNISHED !! Subscribe if your new and don't miss out on the fun !!


Cage gets some Revenge today due to the curtosy of KARMA. Join us for a great time while we compete in Blazblue CS. this whole episode is full of close call matches awesome fighting. You dont wanna miss the epicness of this episode. KiNgDiZz challenges LyriCa in a Race to 5 knowing that he doesn't really preform well in Ark system games. LyriCa Accepts his challenge and is surprised by a decent performance by King. Sit and enjoy this entertaining episode of CVC and let us know what your favourite part of the episode was in the comments below.

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