Caamp - No Sleep (Official Lyric Video)

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"No Sleep" from Caamp's album 'By and By' OUT NOW.

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Animated by Nick Collingwood
Illustrations by Bryn Perrott & Stephanie Elise Haller
Direction by Stephanie Elise Haller

Oh I saw a shooting star 
Late last night  
Yeah she was pointing at the west coast  
Beamin like a street light 
Got my white denim jacket  
And my bolo tie  
Snuck past mom and dad and told my little brothers goodbye 
Oh I hear a motor car  
Coming up the coast 
You know I’ve seen other cities but I like this one most 
There’s a girl down the valley says that we can take it slow 
Or we can push fast forward on it  
Love success and rock and roll 
But it gets hard sometimes  
Don’t I know it  
I been up for a week 
I can’t get no sleep 
I lose my cool  
Oh I saw a shooting star late last night 
She’s like vanilla ice cream, baby 
Milky white 
I wanna love her all day  
And all of the night  
I wanna love her all day 
For the rest of my life 
And it gets hard sometimes  
Don’t I know it 
I been up for a week  
I can’t get no sleep  
I lose my cool 
I been up for a week  
I can’t get no sleep  
I lose my cool 
Say what you mean babe 
C’mon and tell it to me   
Shoobie doobie doowah

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