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????Quick Letter????

hey guys! i was a bit sick while
making this video but at least its out
and it has good grammar! hope u enjoy! ❤️

You are not allowed to translate/repost my video!
If you spread hate or negative comments they will be ignored
because who needs to waste their time to read them? ;)


Apps Used:
Gacha Life????
Ibis Paint????


Time Taken: 4 Days

Thumbnail Taken: 25 minutes

Screen Shots taken: 200-250

☆ Most Frequently Asked Questions ☆

Q: How do you upload so quickly?

A: well i spend a lot of time on my ipad so
i upload rlly quickly for yall so thats why xD

Q: Why cant we translate ur vids?
A: I know yall want others to understand but, I take a lot of effort
in my vids and i dont rlly want any to translate. I believe since its mah video
i get to choose what i do with it. :)

Q: Can I friend you on Roblox?
A: I am very sorry but it wouldnt be fair because
i can only friend 200 of you :(

Q: Can you give me a shoutout?
A: If i find ur comment with u asking for a shout out i bet i will! ;)

Q: Voice reveal/Face reveal??
A: Voice: 100k, Face: IDK-

Q: What do you use to edit?
A: its in the desc :)

Q: Will you ever stop doing Gacha?
A: nah. I love Gacha :D

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