FBI Seized Matt Gaetz's Phone After His Friend Started Talking To Feds

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Matt Gaetz is likely in far more trouble than we had thought, as new reports reveal that his friend Joel Greenberg has actually been cooperating with the authorities for months, and this cooperation led to the feds seizing Gaetz's iPhone back in December. Gaetz knew the scandal was deepening, but he's managed to play dumb for the past few weeks. Farron Cousins discusses the new revelations.

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Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz has probably in more trouble than any of us even imagined up to this point. Now it's important to remember. Again, I love to point this out because it seems like this scandal has been going on forever, but it's only been public for 16 days now, 16 days. And again, roughly every like 36 hours, new, horrible, damning information comes out about Matt Gaetz. And of course this week has been no exception. We've had two major bombshells. The first one is that apparently his good buddy, Joel Greenberg, you know, the former politician from, uh, central Florida who has been charged with 33 different counts, including a trafficking of minors and a guy who Gaetz regularly hung out with, um, he's actually been cooperating with the feds since last year. And he, he has given them information about Matt Gates. And we'll get more into that in just a moment.

Um, but the reason this is important is because he's currently working on a plea deal. And just a few days ago, the talking point was, Oh, if he talks to the feds, this could be bad for Matt Gaetz. But what we all didn't know yet was that this guy has been talking to the feds for months. And yes, he has been turning over horrible information about Matt Gaetz. So horrible. In fact, that that brings us to the second point. And that is that in early December, the FBI came and seized, Matt Gaetz, I phone, they got a warrant, which means as a judge signed off on it and said, yes, there's probable cause. And they came and they took his phone in December before Christmas.

And I'm bringing that up the before Christmas part, because when this story broke again, 16 days ago from the New York times, Matt Gaetz acted shocked and flabbergasted, Oh, I've never done these things. This was all made up. This is BS. Dude knew that he, it was under a very serious investigation, at least all the way back to December. He knew it. You don't get the FBI knocking on your door saying we have a warrant. Give me your phone and then act shocked when it breaks that you're under investigation. Nope. He has known about it. And he's been playing dumb the entire time. He knows how much trouble he is in. He's just panicked now that the public knows. So in addition, or actually what kind of information I guess would be the question, did Greenberg give investigators that would make them say, Holy crap, we got to get our hands on.

Matt Gates is digital communications. Well, according to reports, Greenberg said that he and Matt Gates together did in fact party with women who they gave cash and gifts to in exchange for sex Greenburg. Again, he's charged with 33 different counts. So maybe he's not the most trustworthy guy out there. But if what he is saying is the truth. Then this confirms Matt Gates involvement in this scandal and could easily result in his not just being charged or indicted, but convicted. If the evidence backs up what Greenberg says, which is why they took the cell phone to see if it does back it up. And again, they have the Venmo receipts. Like I don't even know why we're talking about this in the hypothetical anymore. I know we all have to be super careful, so we don't get slapped with, you know, slander or libel or defamation, but let's be honest, the available information out there right now points to one thing and one thing alone. And that is that Matt Gates fricking did this course. That's just my opinion.


The evidence also is, is giving us that opinion. The available data suggests that Matt Gates is screwed and not just screwed in a way that's going to put a stop to his political career or, you know, stamp out his ambitions. No, Matt Gates is screwed in a way that could land him in prison based on what they may charge him with, possibly for the rest of his life. If he goes down for tracking trafficking, if he's a part of the trafficking, he's gone for good, that's what they do now. So yeah, Matt Gates has known how bad things are for months. He has been trying to play dumb with the media, with his constituents, which I am again, um, he's been lying to us about all of this. He has known about it. He is aware of it. He knows how deep it is. He knows that Greenberg is talking and deep down. He also probably knows how screwed he really is.
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