Friendship ★ Kathu 4 ★ New Malayalam cartoon story for kids from the house of Manjadi Pupi and Kathu

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Friendship story ★ New Kathu ( കാത്തു 4 ) story ★ Episode 1 of the superhit Malayalam animation cartoon movie Kathu 4 for children ★ from the creators of top kids cartoon videos Manjadi ( Manchadi ) and Pupi ♥ Please don't forget to subscribe us:

Here comes the first episode of Kathu 4 latest version of the superhit Malayalam animation movie Kathu. The first story is all about friendship. How Kathu and Appu had made a lot of new friends in a new world at the most challenging adventures of their life.

Kathu the superhit Malayalam animation movie is the story of a girl child, a cute kitten named Kathu. Appu the squirrel and three grasshoppers are her best friends. Their pranks and plays make the songs and stories of this animation movie. The core theme of Kathu is the essential life values for children. in 2011 the state film academy Govt: of Kerala selected Kathu as the best childrens program of the year.

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