Hollywood Girl - A Song by Alfred C. Martino

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Hollywood Girl is a song created and written by Alfred C. Martino.

Hollywood Girl

(Oh, little girl…)

(Here she comes…)

Small town twinkle,
Belies the notion.
Her smile sparkles,
She's so precocious.

Her favorite color,
Deep Cabo tan.
Look in her eyes,
Hidden by Ray-Bans.

Oh, little girl, the crowd parts for you.
Step from the cafe, we all want a view.

You’re so celeb,
You’re so special.
Moon in the day,
At night, celestial.

Perfect for TV,
Playing a dream,
Shot a new movie,
Living on a screen.

Open your mouth,
We stop to listen.
Put on some gloss,
Smeared lips glisten.

Oh, little girl, the lights rain on you.
Walk the red carpet, we all want a view.

Before the camera,
You’re so damn flirty.
Looking cute fifteen,
And hot faux-thirty.

To play a woman,
Oh, that’s a chore.
Or fancy lady,
God, that’s a bore.

Be what they want,
Without a fight.
Or yourself maybe.
In some another life.

Oh, little girl, rumors demand you to,
Crawl out of the bedroom, we all want a view.

(What’s she wearing? Is it really True? I've heard rumors. Where are her parents? C-list at best. Who's her new boyfriend? I can't believe it. She's a wanna-be. Does anyone care about her. She's no star.)

A hit that missed,
Oh, not to worry.
A pilot cancelled,
Must go, we’re sorry.

You made your price,
On private yachts.
The kind of work,
Girls do in Cannes.

Rode a hard train,
From Hollywood peak.
Now all alone,
Except in photo leaks.

Yes, little girl, we moved on from you,
Cry all you want, there’s nothing you can do.

Yes, little girl, what you heard is true.
Hello goodbye, there’s a new girl like you.

(Oh, little girl…)
(There she goes…)

(Oh, little girl)
(What’s her name?)

​2021 Alfred C. Martino
​Registered with BMI

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