Hollywood Hoard of Lincoln Cents - Searching Box #2 LIVE - Opening Rolls from the 1970s

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The Hollywood Hoard of Lincoln Cents - Opening Box #2 Live

Recently, through my local coin shop we were able to obtain a hoard of Lincoln cent boxes from an estate in the Hollywood Hills here in the Los Angeles area of Southern California. This Hollywood Hoard had over 100 boxes of Lincoln Cents acquired from Security Pacific National Bank around 40 years ago. There are date stamps on many of the boxes and they are mostly from the late 1970s to early 1980s. Security Pacific National Bank no longer exists and hasn’t been around for decades as it was bought out by Bank of America in 1992. It appears that many of the boxes contain uncirculated bank wrapped rolls of Lincoln Cents. Other boxes contain circulated rolls from the time. And some of the boxes appear to be a mix of circulated and uncirculated rolls. For the boxes of this Hollywood Hoard that have circulated rolls, or mostly circulated rolls… I will be hunting those live on my channel. It should be fun to turn back the clock to see what sort of stuff you could get in a box of cents from the bank about 40 years ago.

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