I Made a Witch Hat to Wear in Everyday Life Because ~✨Fashion✨~

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Some soothing sewing content for the discerning witchling.
Here's the previous McGonagall hat video:
Cone drafting site:

Black wool broadcloth - Burnley & Trowbridge ()
Silk taffeta lining - Burnley & Trowbridge (this particular color is no longer available at the time of writing this; )
Silk velvet - New York Elegant Fabrics, NYC
1" black velvet ribbon - personal stash
1/4" black velvet ribbon - personal stash

Useful Tools for Those So Inclined:
(Please note that these are affiliate links)
-Clear 18-inch ruler:
-Steel-headed straight pins:  
-Every size & weight needle you will probably ever need:
-My most favorite (& stupidly fiddly) #10 sharps, the tiniest needles:
-Ye Trusty Olde 8” shears (tartan ribbon not included):
-Those wee bird snips that literally everyone seems to have:
-(But I’ve also just found these that are a unicorn and I am severely tempted; I should not be trusted with Amazon: )

Portals to Other Realms:
Instagram, for real-time progress: (@bernadettebanner)
Patreon, for more vloggish and bloggish content:  
Prints & merch of design sketches:

For ***BUSINESS ENQUIRIES*** please contact my representation at:
(BUSINESS-RELATED correspondence is handled here. Messages do not reach me directly.)

Due to current ongoing project commitments, requests for dressmaking commissions, individual research or project consultation are not considered at this time.

(All music from epidemicsound unless otherwise noted.)
'Two Fixed Points' by Jerry Lacey
'What Once Was' by Gavin Luke
'Odd Behaviour' by Arthur Benson
'Ending' by Peter Sandburg'
'Jevremovac in Fall' by Infinity Ripple
'They Vanished' by Jon Bjōrk
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