iPhone 11 Pro Vs Film Camera in HOLLYWOOD!

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How far has technology come in 30 years? A behind the scenes look at how Cinematographer Roy H. Wagner A.S.C , recreated a scene from a popular Hollywood movie a Nightmare on Elm Street Dream Warriors, filmed entirely on the new iPhone 11 Pro.

Shot on the iPhone 11 Pro! Roy Wagner ASC re-shoots a scene from Nightmare on Elm Street 3: https://youtu.be/bvL-hidcZjo

Freddy Krueger meets the iPhone11 Pro! (Behind the Scenes): https://youtu.be/EVbTxMVP6V4

A Production of:
Moai Films
Global Village, Inc

Directed by: Lukas Colombo

Produced by:
Lukas Colombo
Nestor Colombo
Jennifer Steffi Ewing

Cinematography by: Roy H. Wagner A.S.C.

Casting Director:
Kara Sullivan

Taylor Kalupa as Kristen Parker
Charley Kendrick Fagerlind as Little Girl
John Liverance as Freddy Krueger

Spero Stamboulis

Associate Producer:
Armando Ferreira

Production Supervisor:
John Stecenko

First Assistant Director:
Nicholas Janzen

Production Designer:
David Hartwell

Art Director:
Stephen Brown

Scenic Painter:
Jazmin Lopez

Swing Gang:
Maggie Sanfilippo
Sofiane Madi

Production Design Consultant:
Mick Strawn

Tessa Philbrick
Ryan Martenson

Pyro Tech:
Rudy Perez

Costume Designer:
Mariah Harrison

Head Wardrobe:
Kumie Asai

First Assistant Camera:
Armando Ferreira

Second Assistant Camera:
Connor Dutton

Digital Imaging Technician:
Armando Ferreira

BTS Videographer:
Palmer Durr
Nicholas Janzen
Connor McCaskill

BTS Photographer:
Nestor Colombo

Shane Kelly

Key Grip:
William Slaughter

Best Boy Grip:
Michael Liska

Ken Marc

Best Boy Electric:
Brandon Harris
Scott Hillman

Kyle Sloan

G&E Swing:
Major W. Latimer

Music by:
Samuel Diaz

Production Sound Mixer:
Juliana Castro

Sound Design, Edit, and Mix by Nick DiFelice

Hair Stylist:
Cynthia Angeline

Makeup Artist:
Cynthia Angeline

Film Edited by Lukas Colombo
BTS Edited by Armando Ferreira and Connor McCaskill

Lukas Colombo

Studio Teacher:
Alberto Carroll

Catering by Impeccable Taste

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