Kawach Mahashivratri | कवच महाशिवरात्री | Episode 38 | Oh no! The witch unleashes her power!

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As the family learns about the witch's presence in the house, a sense of fear engulfs the house. The situation worsens when the witch starts to turn the family into crows one by one! Sandhya learns a way to defeat the witch that involves a huge risk. What does she have in mind?

In the late hours of the Mahasivaratri, ghosts and spirits are safe from the watchful eyes of Mahadev and free to wreak havoc at the haunted temple grounds. Sandhya is forced to enter the dark and ominous place as she follows Ranjana, who remains unaware of the true evil that resides inside. Did the duo provoke the spirits residing in the temple?

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