lenovo flex 14 gaming

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here are some of the gaming benchmarks on the lenovo flex 14
UPDATE: here are the FPS on the games without recording
Grid 2 - 35-85fps on default settings
NFS most wanted 2012 - 25- 50 fps on default settings
Eurotruck Simulator 2 - 21 - 43 fps on default
WRC 4 - 22 - 45 fps on default
Battlefield 3 35 - 56 fps on default
Dirt showdown 75 fps on default
Colin mac rae dirt 25-49 fps on default

and of course it will vary on the specs
here is my unit specs
Intel core i5-4200u
Nvidia geforce gt 720m with intel hd haswell gpu
8gb 1600mhz ram
segate 5400 500gb hdd
no msata m2 ssd installed
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