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Movie Title:Man On Mission Jaanbaaz
Genre: Action Revenge Love Masala
Starcast: Manoj Manchu, Tamanna,Mohan Babu, Sukanya
Director: Dasarath
Music: Sandeep Chowtha

Dhanraj (Devaraj) is the cruelest landlord in Rayalaseema. He is on his way to hunt down the family of Sandhya (Tamanna) who stay in Bhuvaneswar. Ram (Manoj) grows up in Bhuvaneswar with his widow mother (Sukanya). Ram falls in love at first sight with Sandhya. When things are getting right between Sandhya and Ram, Dhanraj's men enter Bhuvaneswar. Ram rescues the family of Sandhya from Dhanraj's men. Then he also finds out that there is some connection to his father with Dhanraj's men. The rest of the story is all about how he returns to Rayalaseema and rescues the people of village from the clutches of the feudal landlord Dhanraj.
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