Marvel's Avengers is the Worst Thing to Happen to Games in 2020: RIP DEUS EX

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So after the heartbreaking news a few years ago that Deus Ex was "on Hold" so that Eidos Montreal could make a video game about Marvel's Avengers, it's finally here and WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO US!?!?!

Avengers gameplay is terrible: There isn't an original idea anywhere in this game and it does whatever mechanics it cribbed from other games worse. The "story" that everyone loved so much yet very few actually explained what they liked about it. I smell pity points. Marvel's Avengers' story is predictable, overly safe, and none of the Avengers are particularly likeable. Abu is a cool dude though.

All this games as a service garbage in light of how Deus Ex is all but cancelled has got me feeling so low that I went and made the Cursed Dewgartia Code Red to approximate the pain I felt in Drink form. Do not attempt to recreate it: No one else should have to feel that much pain.

00:00 Intro
04:59 The Gameplay is terrible and entirely unoriginal
24:53 The Story
30:33 Char makes and drinks a Dew-Garl-rita to try and dull the pain
35:31 The Jank
40:18 The Multiplayers no one is bothering with
43:35 Deus Ex was cancelled for this
48:09 Closing thoughts - We're better than this
55:29 Cat video
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