Panasonic MirAIe: Create Customised Sleep Profiles On Your AC

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Too hot to handle or too cold to feel comfortable? If that’s how your nights are, Panasonic has brought just the perfect solution for you! Powered by IoT and AI, #MirAIe - Panasonic’s connected living solution updatable platform lets you customize sleep profiles on your #AirConditioner so you never have to wake up in the night feeling too cold. Can’t wait to sleep better?

The Connected Air Conditioner has intelligent and unique features such as the #customizedsleepmode, it enables enhanced flexibility as it allows users to pre-set temperature profiles through the night for comfort.

About MirAle: Panasonic has launched a new IoT platform that brings the control of all your home appliances in your hand. Experience a whole new world of comfort, convenience and connectivity across all your Panasonic appliances with MirAIe!

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