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pak media crying over ab dost turkey ne pakistan ko laat maara #pakmediaonindia

Hello friends, here on this channel ap gyan I upload videos on various topics. At present Pakistan is on FATF grey list.
Pakistan can be put in the Blacklist by FATF which will make it difficult for Pakistan economy. But Pakistan is blaming that India is trying to put Pakistan in the Blacklist of FATF. Recently Pakistani media got shocked on Vipin Rawat state on India-china standoff and Pak media is now realizing that India firmly stands against china.
Pak media is also ashamed of its country & Pakistan foreign policy. Pakistan know that Kashmir and Baluchistan is going away from Pakistan. I also upload video of Major Gaurav Arya and Aarzo Kazmi along with Tariq Gora, and of course Pak media latest on India. Pak media always crying of their foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Kuraishi visiting china to meet the Chinese foreign minister but no one receives him.

Pak media is also crying over Imran khan being puppet prime minister of Pakistan and also makes fun of dummy prime minister. Recently the Muslim world is not helping Pakistan on many issues.
General Bajwa visit to Saudi Arabia failed. Recently Pakistan media rattled over PM Modi abrogated article 370 on 5 August and the same date Ram Mandir foundation was held in Ayodhya. Pak media can’t digest of building of Ram Mandir and the abrogation of article 370 in Kashmir. Pakistani Pm Imran Khan always posts on twitter on India, on Indian pm Modi. Now there is news that why Pakistan has controlled corona while in India Corona case is increasing day by day.

Pakistan is upset with India Russia relations ship getting better. Pakistan and China tried to make Mr. Modi and Putin relationship bad. Despite Pakistani population crying over the economy of Pakistan, Pak media is shouting for Kashmir even during corona pandemic. Now Pak media is also worried over Rafale inducted into Indian air defense.

Indian Defense minister Rajnath Singh is trying to strengthen the defense deal with Russia, France, and America to deal with China-India border tension. Pakistani media also crying over Iran-Pakistan, Pakistan-Afghanistan tension. Pak media blames India on Pak Afghan border clash, but India says that India always wants peace and development in Afghan. Pak media claims that that are helping American to deal with Taliban. Indian foreign minister Jai Shankar visited Masco (Russia) and held a talk with Chinese counterpart to make a deal on 5 finger points.

दोस्तो कृप्या इस चैनल को सब्सक्राईब करके हमारा हौशला बढ़ाए जिससे आपको ज्यादा से ज्यादा पाक मीडिया की वीडियो देखने को मिले
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