Predicting the Winner of Drag Race Season 13 Using MATH!

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Today I'll be predicting the winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 13 and reviewing Episode 14: Drag Excellence Runway & LUCKY Music Video!

Today Bussy Queen is reviewing and reacting to the Drag Excellence runway and 'LUCKY' Music Video by Rupaul ft. the top 4 of Rupaul's drag race season 13: Gottmik, Kandy Muse, Symone, and Rosé. This is the very last episode before the drag race season 13 reunion and finale! And, I'm excited to share that I've created an equation that can be used to accurately predict the winner of every season of Rupaul's drag most of the time. It's called The Bus Stop score and takes into account things like number of wins, time in the bottom, and fan sentiment on twitter. Who will win drag race season 13? Will my prediction come true?

Drag Race Recap: In episode 14 of drag race season 13, each queen in our final four had to write their very own verse for Lucky, Rupaul's new hit single and serve a look that said, "drag excellence" on the runway. Join me as I HOT OR ROT the drag excellence runway looks and predict the winner of drag race season 13!

The drag race season 13 cast includes Kandy Muse, Joey Jay, Denali, Lalari, Symone, Tamisha Iman, Gottmik, Utica Queen, Rose, Olivia Lux, Tina Burner, Eliott with Two T’s, and Kamora Hall.

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00:00 Predicting the Winners of Drag Race: The Bus Stop Score
0:31 4 Key Predictors of Who Will Win Rupaul's Drag Race
1:48 Symone Drag Excellence Runway
2:33 Symone's Verse/Performance in Lucky
3:00 Will Symone win Rupaul's Drag Race Season 13? Final Score
3:54 Kandy Muse Drag Excellence Runway
4:39 Kandy Muse's Verse & Performance in Lucky
4:57 Can Kandy Muse win Rupaul's Drag Race Season 13? Final Score
6:20 Rosé Drag Excellence Runway
7:00 Rosé's Performance & Verse in Lucky
7:23 Will Rosé win Rupaul's Drag Race Season 13? Final Score
7:55 Gottmik Drag Excellence Runway
8:45 Gottmik's Performance & Verse in Lucky
9:11 Will Gottmik win Rupaul's Drag Race season 13? Final Score
9:43 A quick history of Ball and Snatch game win precedence
10:21 This Queen Will Win? Addressing Issues w/ The Bus Stop Score
11:05 Here's why my prediction will come
11:40 Drag Race Season 13 Final Four: Who CAN Win?
12:50 Hottest HOTS & Patreon Shoutouts

Hot or Rot is a Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 13 Review show hosted by Bussy Queen. Bussy's channel is the best Drag Race Review channel on youtube! This series focuses on rupaul’s drag race season 13. I’ll be reviewing EVERY runway of drag race season 13 as the season progresses and breaking down the main challenge performances as well! Today we review and react to the second episode of Season 13 Drag Race.
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