Son of Abish New Year Party | @Tanmay Bhat, @Slayy Point, @Mythpat, Kusha, Srishti, Ahsaas & Aisha

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On this episode of Son of Abish, Abish wishes you a happy new year and then goes on to play some party without alcohol, but with great guests.

Watch Tanmay Bhat, Slayy Point, MythPat, Kusha Kapila, Aisha Ahmed, Ahsaas Channa, and Srishti Dixit indulge Abish in this best of SOA games edition! And then bid Abish farewell on this season finale.

Quick Guide:
00:00 The Beginning
00:21 Welcome to 'The Grand Finally!'
00:36 First MyhtPat and Slayy Point
01:40 Abish can't pronounce his guests' names
03:13 Abish tells young comedian how the police arrests
03:27 Game Time: Head and Shoulders!
10:21 Abish's 'Paid' Audience
12:34 What are you Party Excuses?
13:01 Next Kusha, Aisha and Srishti!
14:53 The first physical guests of Son of Abish Season
15:04 Game Time: Dare Pong!
24:51 A Ping Pong Anarchy
25:27 What are your Party Tricks?
26:14 And Tanmay Bhat & Ahsaas Channa!
29:03 GameTime: Party Olympics!
36:53 What is 2020 really?
40:13 Your Party Small Talk
41:27 The Son of Abish Awards?

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