The Alien Isolation VR Mod in Quest 2 is AMAZING / Alien Isolation VR Gameplay Quest 2 / Will it VR?

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One thing is for sure after this video, Alien Isolation in VR is a nightmare!!! It's absolutely terrifying & quite possibly the best way to play this amazing game but make sure you bring a spare change of underwear because the Alien Isolation VR mod doesn't mess around & this Alien Isolation Quest 2 gameplay shows you exactly what you can expect if you chose to jump in!

The Alien Isolation VR mod on Quest 2 is an incredible experience and I honestly can't believe I've waited this long to experience it. Officially known as the Alien Isolation MotherVR mod, this Alien Isolation VR mod converts the entire game into a fully playable, 3D, headtracked VR experience that will terrify and thrill you to the fullest. In this episode of Will it VR I check it out for the first time and talk about just how amazing it is, I'll be using my link cable to achieve the results and will be testing some Alien Isolation VR Quest / Alien Isolation VR on Quest 2.

If you're looking for the Alien Isolation MotherVR download / Alien Isolation VR setup then look no further than this link right here:

Alien Isolation VR setup is incredibly easy, simply download the above file, open it up and drag the file inside into your Alien Isolation install folder, it really is that simple. Then from the in game menu go to settings to switch the VR mod on.

* This Alien Isolation VR gameplay / Alien Isolation VR Quest 2 gameplay was captured using the Alien Isolation MotherVR mod, an Oculus Quest 2 and a link cable. This Alien Isolation VR mod is completely free and just requires you to have a headset, link cable and a downloaded copy of the mod. Enjoy. *

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