“The Legend Of Mei”~~ROBLOX FULL MOVIE~(Adopt me)~~VikingPrincessJazmin

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Hello Fellow Vikings!????

Grab your family and friends and don’t forget your snacks!????????
You are in for another new adopt me movie! ~ORIGINALLY MADE STORY~

Spanish Version of this movie coming soon!



(CAUTION: this movie isn't based off of culture but a fantasy made movie, please give no hate as this is an innocent movie made from imagination, thank you)

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Also thanks to Volzander for helping out! And friends to!
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VPJProductions spanish translator will be working on the spanish version of this movie and be posted soon

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Thank you and enjoy! ????

My channel isn’t focused towards kids especially under the age of 13, all videos on my channel are for entertainment purposes only, made from passion of creating stories and bringing ideas to life, I do not take stories from anywhere, they are originally created.
If you are not aloud to watch any of my videos, please do not display criticism since it’s for entertainment in the public eye, also parents are in charge of supervising their children and what they watch on YouTube.
This information includes other videos presented on my channel.

-dont copy the stories, these are original stories from the mind, not from anywhere
(aswell as not doing the same movie in your own way, its still considered taking credit and ideas off of this channel)
-dont re-create scenes on other channel platforms
-do not re-upload videos
-do not copy movie title names
-do not take the thumbnails
-you cannot re-create & post any stories on any public or private platforms (even if its inspired sorry, still considered taking credit and copying)
-cannot react to these videos on any channel
-cannot translate videos into other languages unless you are an official team member of VPJProductions
-cannot use videos in any way
-cannot take any characters for your videos
~do not impersonate as pretending to be an actor in the videos (they are close friends only and family so i know who they are)
~dont impersonate the members of the VPJProductions team, you will be blocked from social media and youtube
~~~~only people who have been granted permission to do so~~~~~~
~~~~any rules/wishes ignored may receive a copyright strike depending on the situation or be viewed as copying content off channel~~~


Can we use music from this video?
All music in this video is not copyright free, you need to get a subscription license to use music or ask permission from the original music creators.

Can you friend me?
Sorry I can’t friend anyone right now, a lot of people want the same thing, so I have decided not to friend anyone anymore, So please don’t be upset if I can’t ????

Can I be in your movie?
Right now I’m only acting with friends and family, it’s easier communication and less difficult to direct. I did have fans before in my videos but that caused a lot of complications from trolling, not listening, rude behaviour, scenes not recorded or ruined, it’s a lot to take and direct. So at this moment it has to be a no, sorry????

Are you doing a giveaway of pets or Robux?
I don’t do giveaways, I only roleplay which is in-game acting, not about updates or pets, just movies or mini movies for entertainment purposes only. I don’t give robux either because I don’t want to be at risk of being banned.

Can I have a shout out?
I don’t do shout outs to random users, I only shout out if someone did hard work related to my channel example: Spanish translating (which we have on our team now) building a set for a scene, co-directing in videos etc.

What happens if someone copies videos or steals ideas?
Well that’s not anything I can stop, but don’t have a cold heart, at least be considerate to credit my channel and put the link into your description, it isn’t fair to take things off other hard working Youtubers out saying you can still do it to credit, it still shouldn’t be done.

Thank you????

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