The Royal Physician who Conspired to Murder his King? | Sir George Wakeman

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Welcome to Forgotten Lives! In today's episode we are looking into the life of Sir George Wakeman, the Physician to Queen Catherine of Braganza who was accused of trying to poison the English King!

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Further reading: “The Royal Doctors 1485-1714: Medical Personnel at the Tudor and Stuart Courts” by Elizabeth Lane Furdell, “Catherine of Braganza” by Janet MacKay, “Royal Charles: Charles II and the Restoration” by Antonia Fraser, “Charles II: King of England, Scotland and Ireland” by Ronald Hutton, “The Popish Plot” by John Kenyon, Kenyon, J. P. “The Acquittal of Sir George Wakeman: 18 July 1679.” The Historical Journal 14, no. 4 (1971): 693-708. , entry on Sir George Wakeman in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography written by Thomas Seccombe, revised by Michael Bevan

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