Throat Exercises for Snoring and Sleep Apnoea (oropharyngeal exercises / myofunctional therapy)

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This video is for my NHS patients as I do not have access to myofunctional therapy yet in my Snoring and Sleep Apnoea clinic. I cannot provide myofunctional therapy for my patients, so I have just provided the throat (oropharyngeal) exercises here which is better than nothing. Myofunctional therapy includes oropharyngeal exercises, as well as an emphasis on posture, breathing, retraining programmes and other therapeutic modalities. This is therefore not a replacement of myofunctional therapy. These exercises are meant to complement the therapeutic options available in my snoring and sleep apnoea clinic on the NHS.

Mr Vik Veer - ENT Consultant and lead for the Sleep Surgery department at the Royal National ENT Hospital, London.
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