Unravelling ‘Unbreaking India’ to bring out Sensational Historical Facts kept hidden so far

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Sanjay Dixit on his Book "Unbreaking India" | CAA | Article 370 |

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Sanjay Dixit is a person of variegated hues. He graduated as a marine engineer, and sailed the high seas for a few years before changing course to civil services, and is now a social media star, more particularly a You Tube celebrity. His interests range from politics, economics, agriculture and technology to cricket, music and spirituality. He holds Masters degrees in Economics, Software and Indian classical music, plus a degree in Law. He retired as an Additional Chief Secretary , He also heads ‘The Jaipur Dialogues’ as its Chairman, creating an India-centric think tank in the process.

After Krishna Gopeshvara and Krishṇa Yogeshvara as part of Krishna Triology, he has now published an authoritative book on nullification of Article 370 and CAA, now named ‘Unbreaking India’. All his three published books are best-sellers, with ‘Unbreaking India’ earning the tag of #1 bestseller on the very next day of its listing with Amazon India. Besides, his monograph ‘All Religions Are Not The Same’ is a rage on Internet.

Sanjay Dixit is a prolific public speaker and his You Tube broadcasts on Jaipur Dialogues channel are quite popular.

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